Culture & Eats: Sōtatsu Making Waves at Sackler Galleries

Culture & Eats: Sōtatsu Making Waves at Sackler Galleries

Let’s kick off the new year right, hanging out together in frills and kawaii coords! ♥

We’ll spend some time at Sackler Gallery for Sotatsu: Making Waves exhibit and then head over to Asian Nine for a late lunch.

Aside from the usual chats over noms noms, please bring suggestions of what you’d like to see happen with/ for the DC KawaiiStyle & Metro Lolita communities. Let’s start to make 2016 AMAZING!

Lolita & ALL J-Fashions welcomed. Cosplay is NOT allowed.
Itinerary and RSVP available here


ABOUT Sōtatsu: Making Waves

Tawaraya Sōtatsu (ca. 1570‒ca. 1640), a fountainhead of Japanese painting and design, is one of the most influential yet elusive figures in Japanese culture. Sōtatsu’s work is instantly recognized by its bold, abstracted style, lavish swaths of gold and silver, and rich jewel tones. Much of the artist’s life, however, remains a mystery. How a working-class owner of a Kyoto fan shop transformed into a sophisticated designer with a network of aristocratic collaborators is still an enigma.

Sōtatsu: Making Waves is the first in-depth examination of this major Japanese artist.

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