Kawaii in da Hood

Kawaii Art + Entrepreneurship Club

Spreading the idea of Kawaii empowerment to inner city youth, one program at a time.

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#KAWAIIindaHOOD is the arts + entrepreneurship brainchild of tattoo artist/ illustrator, Imani K Brown. This youth outreach program was born from her immense love of Japanese pop culture + manga – the hobbies that her dream studio, Little INPLAY Shop is built on ~

Especially within kawaii culture, Imani travels often to Japan to work, indulge in full language/ culture immersion, and reach her own creative goals in the land of the rising sun.

Not too long after, starting a regular work schedule in Japan, Imani was overcome with inspiration to give back to her community and help (globally) grow the kawaii community, by reaching out to teach kawaii empowerment: self-love, individuality, and positive encouragement by allowing students to explore their artistic voice/creativity.

Understanding that art an important part of the human experience and creativity helps foster a stronger community, the goal of this program is to connect at risk youth with realistic ideas and tools to

  • dream beyond their circumstances
  • reach for their creative dreams
  • create their own creative hustle
  • understand + activate financial health

Regular 1st Friday manga art party fundraisers are hosted at Little INKPLAY Shop.

*All monies raised will go towards DC Kawaiistyle’s KAWAII CONTRIBUTORS Fundraiser – to grow both the community and outreach program, together.