What is Kawaii?!

2015-09-27 16.40.16Kawaii is Japanese for cute! An entire culture, from dress to daily lifestyle, was birthed from the idea of people creating their looks and life elements as a means of expression from societal norms. Although this word and meaning take root in Japan, its spirit has spread all over the world through the works of the god-father of kawaii, Sebastian Masauda and his brand, 6% Doki Doki. During recent years, there have been many kawaii events from Japan, the Philippines, Europe and South America. Now I think it’s time to work hard to give this wonderful and empowering spirit a forever home in the US! We are starting with DC with goals of creating a kawaii movement across the States.

A humble community with big dreams, welcome to DC KawaiiStyle. <3

Be on the look out for “The KAWAII Way” Kawaii crash course(s) soon! Updates will be available here & if you’ll be in the DC area, please join us!