Afro-Kawaii Months

Afro-Kawaii Months

What Is Afro Kawaii

“Afro kawaii” is the celebration of one’s Afrocentricity, especially those of the diaspora and kawaii cultures. Through afro kawaii, we explore the invisible bridge between Afro + Asian cultures.

The Conversation

When we talk Afro Kawaii, we’re talking
・the fusion of the cool + kawaii
・appreciation vs. appropriation
・adaptation + acceptance + confidence


to the AFRO KAWAII ZINE + Pop Up Art Show



💖Fri 2/8 | 6-9 P

PopUp Art Show + Shop Opening @ Little INKPLAY Shop

💖Sat 2/9 | 1-3 P

Kawai Empowerment + Body Art Artshop

💖Sun 2/10 | 1-3 P

Smithsonian African Art Museum Casual Kawaii Meet

💖Sun 2/10 | 5-7 P

Afro Kawaii Karaoke

💖Fri 2/ 15 |5-7 P

Do It for The Culture:  Intro to Afro Kawaii at Katsucon 2019



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