Welcome to DC Big Bus Tour

Welcome to DC Big Bus Tour

Some time ago, DC Metro Lolitas had some pretty cool visitors from Chicago by way of Japan and China. Excited to come to DC they asked if the DC Metro admins would mind spending a day with them, touring DC the frilly way! Of course of friends wanted to see EVERYTHING so we decided that a Big Bus Tour would be the easiest and cheapest for the best accommodations and some random fun in the sun.

We were able to meet-up at Union Station, hop on the bus and make a few stops at the Capitol, along the national Mall, visit some Smithsonian museums, the Lincoln Memorial (our main goal), and we even had time for tea!

Take a quick tour with us~

Meet-Up, Union Station

2015-08-16 13.04.31

2015-08-16 13.33.20

2015-08-16 14.11.31

First Stop, The Capitol

2015-08-16 14.02.23

& a Brief Stop at the Air & Space Museum

2015-08-16 14.19.17 2015-08-16 14.31.56

Smithsonian Castle x Garden x Freer/ Sackler Galleries

2015-08-16 15.19.39 2015-08-16 15.10.33 2015-08-16 15.14.01 2015-08-16 15.14.242015-08-16 15.24.36-1

2015-08-16 15.28.45

Inside the Peacock Room

2015-08-16 15.30.59 2015-08-16 15.31.18

Reflection Pool

2015-08-16 16.18.39

Last Stop, The Lincoln Memorial

2015-08-16 16.17.232015-08-16 16.22.52 2015-08-16 16.23.22 2015-08-16 16.23.51

Another great day in the books! <3

2015-08-16 15.52.31 

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