Kawaii Style Annual Dream Zine

Kawaii Style Annual Dream Zine

CALL for ‘Kawaii Style‘ Submissions!

Remember our award winning Afro Kawaii zine?!

Well we’re at it again.

And we’re going for bigger AND better, currently looking for people to

contribute meaningful content to our comm’s

annual ‘kawaii style’ publication.

We thought we’d do quarterly with something special for each publication,

but it was a lot for us to handle *orz*

But we’ve recouped and we’re feeling nostalgic ~

♡ 2020 ZINE THEME: Homage to FRUITS! ♡

So whether you’re a J-fashion lover wanting to share snaps

or give style points + tips, have a cute craft tutorial, create kawaii art & wares,

or have creative content to share this space is just for you!

All chosen submissions will be credited to the artist or contributor

Contributors to Cute Culture

Please click the image to sign up for your category of choice

♡ Kawaii Art for Community Efforts ♡

Check out our award winning Afro Kawaii zine

+ learn more about this cultural sub genre to kawaii

and the many afro creatives who contribute to cute culture with love ^.^

Cover by contributing artist, iHeartNella

*ALL proceeds from Zine projects go directly to DC Kawaii Style community’s trademark + non profit build*

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