Most Unusual Steampunk Meets Kawaii Tea & Art Party

Most Unusual Steampunk Meets Kawaii Tea & Art Party

Last Sunday afternoon (12-4pm), DC KawaiiStyle was invited to take part in Hemp Kettle Tea Co. first tea program instalment, Most Unusual Tea: Steampunk meets Kawaii, at one of DC’s latest ramen houses, Chaplin’s DC. <3

2016-01-31 11.58.39

The event had an AMAZING turn-out (we sincerely thank you ALL for taking part!) that included DC KawaiiStyle and local steampunk community members. Here’s a colourful account of the day!

Please enjoy ~

Most Unusual Tea Party, Yokoso!

People filed in and we served over one hundred people with some genuine most unusual kawaii style! <3


rooms finally thinned out after 3:30pm

Our Most Unusual Hostess & Sponsor


Hemp Kettle Tea Co. ・ Hendrick’s Gin

disclaimer: this event was marked 21+ for the mature kawaii. we do NOT promote underage drinking or the use of illegal substances. we DO promote good times and positive efforts within the kawaii community

Hemp Kettle Tea Company

In previous incarnations, Minna Nilanont, M.Ed has been a baker, manager, volunteer firefighter/EMT, student of Thai traditional medicine, and English professor. From past lives and a deep love of organic  teas and herbs, she brings together a maverick skill set and vision to create Hemp Kettle Tea Company. Organic loose leaf teas, herbs, spices, and hemp seeds are blended together for unique and delicious recipes.



Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick’s is a gin distilled in Scotland with curious, yet marvelous, infusions of cucumber and rose. Must be of legal drinking age to follow


2016-01-31 11.59.41


The Art Part

Art was provided by artists Crankadelics (graffiti artist/muralist) and ipukekawaii (tattoo artist/ illustrator) with a special collaboration print release of their latest work, Eternal Reflections.


Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

… because sometimes ramen and tea may not be enough =^.^=


a REAL popcorn machine was available *yum!*

more delicious treats provided by Supreme Delights

Kawaii Snaps

From kawaii to steampunk to kawaii steampunk mash-ups and plenty other o-share’ styles, here’s what some of the fashion looked like around the event.


We hope you enjoyed this month’s event. More kawaii is soon to come to DC with more meet-ups and surprises as the community grows. Please feel free to join our Facebook community to stay up to date on the latest interactive social media activities and events!


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