DC KawaiiStyle Goes To Waku Waku +NYC

DC KawaiiStyle Goes To Waku Waku +NYC

We decided to start spreading the gospel of kawaii and DC KawaiiStyle at Waku Waku +NYC. Our first convention during our first year. WHOAH! ^^


About Waku Waku +NYC

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“Waku Waku” is a new Japanese pop culture festival launching this summer in New York City. Waku Waku +NYC brings together the worlds of anime, manga, music, food, film, and fashion inside Brooklyn’s Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods. Featuring exhibits, panels, screenings, and interactive events across multiple locations, Waku Waku +NYC looks to blend Japanese pop culture with Brooklyn culture. We look to gather a group of creative artists from Japan in order to share their passions with us. Please visit Waku Waku +NYC for more info.

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Your Waku Waku Weekend DC KawaiiStyle Leaders
ipukekawaii   ・   sweet tsundere   ・   painfullykawaii   ・   mahou monie


Brands offered included art things by I.P. Brand Ink & Art (Imani is continually raising funds to bring a forever kawaii space to DC through her #supportLIPS fund collection) and DC KawaiiStyle affiliate, MahouMonie, with support from our Kawaii Bakes friends!

Here’s how everything came together. =^.^=

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2015-08-29 10.30.30


So many beautiful people! We met so many amazing people, traded business cards and everything! Best of all … people bought things! *does happy dance*

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All of Mahou Monie’s products are listed on her webshop. Her things are handmade with love so be sure to shop with her!

A hug THANK YOU and kawaii air hugs near and far to everyone who shopped with us. It truly meant the world! =^.^=

Around Waku Waku +NYC

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